Sales executive, Hydrocarbon Feedstock
Vladimir Zhgun
Sales manager
Lukasz Handke
Sales manager
Lasha Bortsvadze
Sales Manager

SIBUR is the largest associated petroleum gas (APG) processing company in Russia, and producer of light hydrocarbons. SIBUR enterprises process over 50% of associated gas received from Russian oil companies.

SIBUR gas processing enterprises and gas fractionation plants manufacture a wide range of high-quality products:

— Liquefied hydrocarbon gases: Propane(C3Н8), N-Butane (C4Н10), Iso-Butane (i-C4Н10), Propane-Butane Mixture (LPG-Mix, SPBT);
— Pentanes (C5): N-Pentane (C5Н12), Iso-Pentane (i-C5Н12);
— Stable Natural Gasoline (Light Naphta, BGS);
— Natural Gas Liquids (NGL-SHFLU).